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Terra, the world that Legacies takes place in, contains a variety of sentient races a player may choose from when making their character. There are a large number of non player races that exist to provide adversaries and allies for the player characters to confront and interact with over the course of playing Legacies, with more details on the other denizens of Terra found in the NPC Races and Monsters section. Each playable race is more than just a costume requirement and set of unique Racial Abilities; they bring with them a culture and history that players can draw from when formulating an identity for their character

Player Character Races

Below are the list of races that a player may choose from when making their character. Each race has a distinct appearance, culture, and customs. The description of each player race is designed to familiarize players with what their character would have been exposed to when raised among communities of the same race. Not all characters come from that background; the various player races have spread out among the world and in many cases have given up their traditional viewpoints to adopt those of their new land.

Player Race Age

In a great deal of fantasy fiction source materials for games, some races and magic users often live far longer than ordinary humans. This is not the case at Legacies. A player character is assumed to be the roughly the same age as the player, though some exceptions are made if the player utilizes convincing costume, makeup, and prosthesis to appear younger or older. Even so, characters having ages significantly higher or lower than the players must get the character passed by the Character Ref prior to play.

The age of maturity and average lifespan of the player races are all fairly consistent within Warwick; the land the game is played in. Some races may mature slightly faster or slower, but not significantly so, and some races may live slightly shorter or longer lives, but again, not significantly so. The average age of maturity is 16 years of age for males, +/- 2 years, and 17 years of age for females, +/- 3 years. The average life span for males is 78 years, +/- 7 years, and for females 85 years, +/- 10 years. The use of curative magics and alchemical compounds has allowed for a lifespan not overly hindered by disease and injury; however neither can halt the advancement of age.

The lifespan in other lands can be greatly affected by the environment and culture. For example, the surface of the Goblin Wastes is an incredibly harsh and unforgiving environment, battle is a weekly occurrence, and skilled healers are scarce. Races are lucky to live half as long there as they would in Alba. Conversely, the land of Sylvanator is a generous, temperate climate and conflict rarely passes its borders. Inhabitants tend to live a decade longer on average.