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Mongrels are a not a race proper, but a catchall to describe the oddities of the game world. They can range from golems and constructs, to magically or alchemically mutated versions of other races or creatures. The most common form of Mongrel is a blend of human and animal characteristics, arising from isolated places or magical mishap. These could be almost any configuration, but the Player should note they will not be from a massive independent culture comparable to Canids or Felinae, but instead something on a smaller scale. Magically made constructs are another common theme, and it is important to note that all Mongrels are fundamentally like the other races in terms of functional anatomy, not having alternate arrangements that would alter their interaction with the rules. For example, all Player Races bleed from wounds, have a pulse, a mind that can be influenced, internal anatomy of a consistent configuration, and so on. The third most common Mongrel type is a mutated or altered version of another Player Character race which has undergone some catastrophic change. This type of Mongrel needs to have strongly divergent physical appearance to help indicate their distinction from that race. With these constraints in mind, the player is free to create their own culture and origin for their mongrel. With the exception of some minority races in the Wastes that get classified as Mongrels, most mongrels are not raised in a distinct culture and set of traditions that they can call their own, but are instead exotic outsiders, loners, or raised amongst another culture. Like Half-Fae, Mongrels endure a varying degree of stigma and prejudice strongly based on their appearance, and have great difficulty rising in society.


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