Nikirian Pantheon

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Basic Overview

Name Domains Primary Symbol Colors Traditional Gender
Anope - The Cryptmother Embalming, mummification, and mourning. She is the patron goddess of morticians in Damascus Female
Apophis - The Chaos Snake Chaos in all of its forms Male
Heras - The Shield of Damascus Protection Male
Hothora - The Cow Goddess Agriculture Female
Isis - The Winged One Magic & Healing Female
Jec - The Ground Below Earth & Fatherhood Male
Mata - The Truth-Seeker Truth Male
Mentu - The Charioteer War & Soldiers Male
Neb - Our Dark Mother The Sky Female
Neptha - The Homemaker Love, motherhood, and fertility Female
Nikiria - The Lifegiver The Nikiria River Female
Oris - The Fallen King The afterlife Male
Ra - The King of Black Dirt The sun & kings Male
Seka - The Lord of the Red Desert Foreigners & the desert Male
Serqet - Mistress of Poison Scorpions, poison, and medicine Female
Tah - The Craftsman Crafting & craftsmen Male
Toth - The Scribe Knowledge, intellect, scribes, and scholars Male
Ubasti - Mother of Felinae Felinae, curiosity, protection, perfume, sculpture, adaptability Ankh Black and Gold Female

Origin Story

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Geneology of the Gods

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God-Mortal Interactions

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