Fortnight Town Guard

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Oswald Fortnight Guard.png
Fortnight Town Guard
Area of Operation Greater Fortnight Area
No. of Members Under 100
  • Morgana McCourt (Captain)
  • Roman Aralynn (Mayor)
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The Fortnight Town Guard is a group of individuals who are "local" to the town. Their residences are in or around Fortnight, and most times you can find at least 1 cabin occupied by members of the Guard. Their job is to protect the town, go investigate things, participate in large fights and go on patrols.

Lands of Operation

The Town Guard operates in the Greater Fortnight area. Usually, wherever the location the populace goes, the guard follows and meets up with whomever happens to be wherever the township is at the time.

For logistical reasons, the game sites vary. For story reasons, the town could be anywhere within the Legacies gameworld that Plot indicates.


The Captain commands the guard. The individual designated as the captain is chosen by the mayor, and can have that position revoked at any time. The guard will generally accompany the township towards a dangerous situation to provide combat support.

In the event of the captain's absence, such as if the captain is occupied with other duties elsewhere, the leadership mantle falls to the lieutenant with the most seniority (length of time in the guard). In very rare instances, an "acting captain" is appointed.

Beneath the captain are 3 Lieutenants:

  • Ritualmaster: The ritualmaster is in charge of the guard's ritual activities; such as providing talismans for the Guard's resource pool or enhancing guard equipment. They are also in charge of holding onto the Town Guard's library of ritual scrolls.
  • Drillmaster: In charge of planning drills & patrols, finding teachers for different skills, and generally all martial aspects of the Guard's activities.
  • Quartermaster: In charge of loaning out equipment, maintaining guard inventory, procuring supplies, bringing the Guard Cache of supplies, take roll call, and tracking pay of its members. Supply purchases of 5 gold or more must be presented to the Captain & other Lieutenants prior to confirmation, with the Captain having final veto / authorization over the purchase.

Each lieutenant has the authority to appoint a deputy, if they desire it. The deputy's duties are similar to the lieutenants they work under.

Members: These are people who have been in the guard for a total of 2 months or longer. They receive pay of 2 silver per month that they are in town.

Trainee: Your first month, you don't receive the 2 silver that full members receive. Your job during this time period is to learn what you can from those around you & respond to calls to action. If there is a particular skill you wish to learn, be sure to mention it to one of the lieutenants and they will find you a mentor. Starting your 2nd month, you advance to the "member" level.

Joining The Guard

So how does one join, you may wonder? The Fortnight Town Guard accepts people of all skill sets and are always happy to train in additional skills. The first thing is to approach a lieutenant or the captain, and state your intent of joining the guard. You will then be asked what your skillset is, what you are interested in learning, and accepted into the Guard itself.


Membership includes

  • A guaranteed place to sleep (which can be a guard cabin but is not always, subject to site / space limitations). Accessible at Trainee level.
  • A serving of whatever the guard meal of the day is (breakfast, lunch, dinner) if provided. Accessible at Trainee level.
  • Discounts with the quartermaster on supplies. Accessible at Trainee Level.
  • Starting your second month with the guard, regular pay of 2 silver per month that you are in town available to guard the township. Accessible at Member level.
  • After a period of 1 year, members will be eligible to gain a "wizbang," which has been defined as either a special metal item enchanted by magical means or an exotic metal item. Accessible at Member Level.

Recent Events

  • September 2021:
    • Morag Dor announces she is taking personal leave.
    • Deputy positions created.
    • Ritualmaster / Drillmaster / Quartermaster duties defined.
  • December 2021: Morag Dor steps down as captain of the guard.
  • January 2022: Guard Restructuring begins
    • Morgana McCourt becomes Ritualmaster & Acting Captain
    • Pa'arna'aeth becomes Deputy Ritualmaster
    • Eiribelle becomes Deputy Drillmaster
    • Bjornin becomes Drillmaster
    • Farah becomes Quartermaster
    • Malik Dor becomes Deputy Quartermaster
  • May 2022:
    • Farah departs. Malik Dor fills vacancy of Quartermaster.
    • Pa'arna'aeth remains deputy Ritualmaster.
    • Eiribelle becomes Drillmaster
    • Bjornin as Deputy Drillmaster.
  • June 2022: Morgana McCourt becomes Captain, appointed by Mayor Skywind Blacktail.
  • October 2022: Guard reduces training period from 3 months to 1 month.
  • February 2023:
    • Kaya Nightingale becomes Deputy Quartermaster & Deputy Ritualmaster.
    • Seigan becomes Deputy Drillmaster.
  • July 2023:
    • Morgana McCourt announces her intent to depart for personal reasons.
    • Malik Dor appointed acting captain.
    • Maeve Allen appointed as the new quartermaster.
  • May 2024:
    • Morgana McCourt returns & reclaims the position of Captain.
    • Kaya Nightingale reinstated as quartermaster.
    • Maeve Allen reappointed as deputy quartermaster.